Our approach to risk

Whenever making investments, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. At Brickfy, we acknowledge the risk and also encourage participating investors to do their due diligence in considering the project they're investing in, as well as considering the risk involved.

Though Brickfy does everything to protect your investment, by participating in a lending project, your capital is inherently put at risk. You must be prepared for the possibility that you may not receive your money back partially, or in full.

When lending money, the largest risk is formed by the ability by the loan recipient to repay the loan and/or make the monthly payments. In order to reduce the risk, Brickfy has taken multiple precautions. That being said, it is important to note that they do not mitigate them entirely.

Please read through the risk factors of investing to be better acquainted with the associated risks:

  • Your money is at risk and you must be prepared for the possibility of not getting it back. This depends on the loan recipient's abilities and diligence in repaying their loan, as well as other factors beyond human control, such as a reduction in value on the real estate market. As a result, Brickfy is not able to guarantee the payback of any of the loans taken through the marketplace.
  • Your money is not protected by the government. There are no formal protections in places at a policy level to protect your money or your investment.
  • Real estate investments are illiquid. Once the money is invested, it is not easy to take it out immediately. As a result, you must be prepared to be separated from the funds for a potentially long period of time, if not indefinitely in the case of an inability to repay the loan.
  • Tax is your responsibility. Brickfy does not take responsibility for any tax responsibilities that may apply to you. It is your responsibility to understand the tax policy in your jurisdiction and act accordingly. - Brickfy and its affiliates do not provide any advice or recommendation in relation to any investments made available on the website. If you have any doubts about the risks of such investments or you otherwise require financial advice, you should seek advice or recommendations that are personal to your circumstances from a suitably qualified financial adviser. Though there are many risks involved in investing, Brickfy has taken several precautions to make the process more reliable. Here they are:
    • Founders stakes invested. Each project posted to Brickfy in skin in the game section is invested in by the founders. Though it can not be considered a suggestion to invest in it as well, it does serve as reassurement that Brickfy is also investing money, and therefore has your best interests at heart, as our money is on the line, too.
    • Guaranteed equal treatment to all of our customers. The availability of the projects will be made on a first come, first served basis. No preferential treatment will be issued to anyone, under any circumstances.