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Referral Program

Invite your friends to join in and start using Brickfy and you'll both get a reward!

Getting good returns on your savings and getting extra bonuses is within your reach if you actively invest in Brickfy and help us spread the word about the benefits of investing in Brickfy.

Referr and earn!

Why to join the Brickfy Referral Program?

Lucrative commisions

Our Referral Program is a great way to share Brickfy with your friends and family - not only will you help them earn a greater return on their savings, but it also rewards you and everyone you invite.

Earn up to €105.00 for each friend you invite!


Per registration accomplished*

Once referral invests first €100.00


1% (up to €100.00)

Of your referral's investment*

For first 90 days since sign up.

*: Please check the Terms and Conditions of our Referral Program here.

Benefit from our Referral Program

Remember, investors who stick with Brickfy and take advantage of our referral program get better returns.

How it works

Recommend your friends to start investing and earn up to €105.00 per each referred user!

  • Step 1: Register

  • If you have not yet registered with Brickfy, now is the time to become part of our growing community of investors. Once you are registered you will get your personal referral code, with which you can invite your friends to register on Brickfy.

    Then, invite your friends!

  • Step 2: Invite and earn

  • Invite your friends with your personal referral code. Once the friend you invited has registered using your code and invests at least €100.00, you will both get a €5.00 Welcome Bonus in your wallet.

    Remember that the user you refer to us must enter your code at sign up, complete the KYC process, validate their account and invest at least €100.00. Once the referred user reaches that minimum investment threshold of one hundred euros, you both will immediately receive the €5.00 in your account.

  • Step 3: Extra Reward

  • In order to benefit from the conditions of the Referral program, the minimum amount to be invested by the referred user is €100.00. Then and for 90 days, both you and your friend will receive extra 1% return on all investments made during that period and up to €100.00 Investment Bonus per user.

It's easy to follow up

In your dashboard it will be really easy to track your invitations. You can always find the latest details in your dashboard (in the "Referral Program" section).

You will be able to follow up all the people you have invited. see a list of the people you have invited and the commissions generated from their investments. And you will be able to see both the detail of those who have completed the whole process and the commissions generated from their investments, and the detail of those who have registered but have not completed the steps to earn their reward. You can then send them a reminder to get things moving and you can both benefit from the referral program!

Summary of conditions *

  • Earn up to €105.00 for each friend you invite!

  • €5.00 Welcome Bonus for every user you refer to us who registers and that invests a minimum of €100.00 at Brickfy.

  • 1% on the amount invested by that referred user during the first 90 days since sign up and up to €100.00 per user, maximum limit.

  • Referred users also enjoy the same conditions and can also earn up to €105.00: €5.00 welcome bonus and up to €100.00 on investments, 1% bonus, for the first 90 days.

  • Referrals earned must be invested in Brickfy: amounts earned through the referral program cannot be withdrawn directly, but must first be invested through Brickfy investment marketplace in any of the loans available on the platform. Once that money is returned in the different payments of the invested projects, that money will be free to be withdrawn or reinvested again.

*: Please check the Terms and Conditions of our Referral Program here.