Referral Program


Program version: 2.0

Date of version: 3.08.2020

  1. Organizer of the Referral Program: Brick and Mortar Digital Assets OÜ, registry code 14756307, with address of management: Männimäe/1, Pudisoo küla, 74626, Harju Maakond, Estonia, referred to hereinafter as “Brickfy”.

  2. Terms that are capitalised in the present Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program have the same meaning as the terms used in the General Terms and Conditions of the Platform User Agreement ( unless indicated differently in the present Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program.

  3. The Referral Program is valid from August 3, 2020. Brickfy has the right to end or change the present terms and conditions of the Referral Program unilaterally and without individually notifying the User or a third party.

  4. During the time frame indicated in previous clause, any Brickfy User has the right to participate in the Referral Program, if the Brickfy-generated unique referral code or link (hereinafter the Referral Code) is available on the User Account.

  5. Both participating Users prior to the start date of this program, and Users referred to by them prior to the start date of this program, shall be regulated by the terms and conditions established in the previous version of the program, which can be consulted here.

  6. The User is prohibited from using the Referral Code in any way that differs from Brickfy’s values or in any other way that may qualify as an unfair commercial practice, as determined at Brickfy’s sole discretion. The User is prohibited from changing, modifying or altering the Referral Code; it is forbidden to place the Referral Code on websites that provide erotic, indecent or deceptive content; on websites that provide gambling or betting services or money-back projects and on websites that offer the upload or download of illegal content. If the User has any doubts as to whether his/her activities comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program, the User can send an inquiry to

  7. The User will be disqualified from the Brickfy Referral Program bonus if they refer themselves, or any immediate family member or member of their household. All referrals must be new investors to Brickfy and cannot have an existing Brickfy account. If a User creates an account for the primary purpose of collecting the referral bonus, they will not receive the Referral Program bonus. Brickfy may review payment and withdrawal information if we suspect there is a breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program. If a User is found to be in violation of the rules of the Referral Program, they may have their payments suspended at any time. If a User has violated the program's rules, Brickfy will remove any Referral Program - related bonuses accrued from their account and may face suspension from the Brickfy referral program.

  8. The User has an obligation to immediately stop his/her participation in the Referral Program if requested by Brickfy for any reason, at Brickfy' sole discretion.

  9. When the User provides Brickfy with name and e-mail address of the referred party (hereinafter – the Referred party) , the User assigns Brickfy to contact the Referred party, explain the conditions for participation in the Program and invite them for registration.

  10. The Referred party’s personal data will be processed for the purpose described in above section, unless the Referred party accepts the offering and opens a user account or joins the Referral Program. Brickfy may process the personal data of the Referred party and the User who has referred them, who have joined the program, to fulfil their contractual obligations under these Terms and Conditions. Further information on the processing of personal data may be found in Brickfy’s privacy policy available on website:

  11. In case that the Referred party does not register as an Investor in the given time, Brickfy has the right (at its own discretion) to send a second e-mail within one month after the first e-mail.

  12. For the User and the referred party to receive a bonus (hereinafter — the Bonus), the following preconditions must be fulfilled:

    1. The User has the right to participate in the Referral Program and the User has not breached the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program;

    2. The User must be registered on Brickfy’s Platform and have their identity verified via the Brickfy KYC process;

    3. The referred party is a duly registered legal person or a natural person who is at least 18 years old;

    4. The Referred party cannot be a legal entity, whose shareholder/partner or a lawful representative is the User.

    5. The referred party must get registered on Brickfy (indicating the User’s Referral Code in the “Referral Code” field at the initial screen of the Sign Up process and within the timeframe indicated in Clause 3) by submitting the Registration Application on the Platform, and have their identity verified and approved via the Brickfy KYC verification process.

    6. When submitting the Registration Application on the Platform the referred party was not previously registered on the Platform as a User under any email address, mobile or ID. If the Referred party has had previous registrations on Brickfy but deleted the account, the new registration will not be accepted for participation in the Program.

    7. the User and the referred party are different people (or different ultimate beneficial owners, in case the User or the referred party is a legal person).

  13. Once all preconditions for the Bonus set in the previous clause have been fulfilled, the User and the Referred party each will receive a Bonus according to the following additional conditions and that will be in effect for 90 days from the tthe registration date of the respective referred party in the Portal, and in the following amounts:

    1. Once the Referred party invests at least €100 (one hundred euros) at Brickfy marketplace, the User and the Referred party both get a EUR 5 (five euros) welcome bonus.

    2. The User and the referred party both get a bonus of 1% (one percent) on the investments made by the Referred party on the ninetyth (90) day after registration, but not more than EUR 100 (one hundred euros) per Referred party.

    3. The bonus mentioned in the previous section will only be applied to those investments made once the minimum investment threshold of €100 (one hundred euros) has been reached or exceeded. Since the minimum amount of investment at Brickfy marketplace is EUR 5, in the case that the User made two or more investments before reaching this threshold, the Program will only apply the bonus starting from the investment that reaches or exceeds this threshold, including this investment and excluding the previous investments.

    4. All Bonus from Referral Program cannot be withdrawn before being invested on the Platform. All amounts from these terms must stay invested in loans for a period no shorter than 3 (three) months after receiving the bonus, in order to be able to withdraw it. If some of the parties requests a withdrawal before the 3-month period, they will have the right to withdraw all of the funds in their account, except the bonus.

    5. All Bonus from Referral Program must be invested in the Platform within a maximum of 1 (one) year from the date of obtaining it. Those bonuses that have not been invested in that period will be cancelled and will no longer be available in the User's wallet.

  14. Brickfy pays the User and the referred party the Bonus, if all conditions and preconditions for the Bonus set in these Terms & Conditions have been fulfilled, within 10 working days after each Bonus Period has passed by depositing electronic funds equivalent to the Bonus into the Virtual Account of the User and the respective referred party.

  15. It is prohibited for the Users to use the Referral Program in a way that is different than Brickfy’s principles – to refer friends in order to use Brickfy’s services. It is prohibited to use the Program in a way that can be defined as an abuse, at the sole discretion of Brickfy. For example, if the Referred party registers only to receive a bonus, and not to use the services of Brickfy. In case the User has doubts if their actions are meeting the requirements of the Program, the User can send an inquiry at:

  16. The Bonus shall include all applicable taxes for participation in the Referral Program and respective taxes (if applicable) shall be covered by the User and/or the referred party.

  17. The User may refer an unlimited number of referred parties and receive the Bonus for each referred party fulfilling the preconditions set in these Terms & Conditions.

  18. The Referral Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. If the referred party uses the provided Referral Code during the registration process on Brickfy together with any other promotion, the other offer will be disregarded.

  19. By participating in the program, the Users agree to these Terms and Conditions, including the provision of their personal data as provided herein and in compliance with all the requirements of the Data Protection Rules.

  20. Legal relations arising from the Referral Program shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program that have been published on the Portal at the moment when the Referred party submitted the Registration Application indicating the User’s Referral Code in the “Referral Code” field.