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SUPERBONUS 110% is aimed at financing the company PLA S.r.l. for the support of projects falling under the so-called 'Superbonus 110%', i.e. the maxi-tax relief introduced by the Relaunch Decree 2020 to promote the improvement of Italy's real estate heritage in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

The Ecobonus and Sisma Bonus are incentives aimed at increasing to 110% the deduction rate of expenses incurred for interventions dedicated to energy efficiency and reduction of seismic vulnerability of buildings, also allowing the transfer of this credit in favour of the executors.

The company PLA S.r.l., as General Contractor, will be in charge of the contracts for works falling within the scope of energy efficiency and safety, consisting of the following types of works:

  • Supply and installation of thermal coats;
  • Replacement of air conditioning and heating systems;  
  • Installation of photovoltaic panels;
  • Supply and installation of window frames;
  • Execution of seismic risk adjustment and improvement works.

PLA S.r.l., as General Contractor, will undertake the execution of turnkey works and in particular

  • Designing the works to be carried out;
  • Sub-contracting to individual companies specialised in each intervention;
  • Purchase of materials.

In terms of financial planning and management, PLA will acquire the credit from the owners on the basis of the progress of the works, subsequently selling it to financial institutions.

Borrower information

PLA S.r.l. is part of the Marella Entrepreneurial Group, led by Francesco Marella, a graduate in construction engineering, representing the third generation in the real estate and construction industry. During his career, he has also held the following roles: CEO and chairman in the board of directors of Nova RE S.p.A. a real estate company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Deputy Chairman of Meridie S.p.A, an investment company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Board member of Ream SGR. Managing Director of the family company active in the construction of public infrastructure (motorways and railways).

In particular in the area of reconversions among the group's most important projects:

  • Construction of residential and office complexes in Potenza for a development of about 13,000 sqm (revenues of about Euro 25 Mln);
  • Renovation and sale of a residential and office complex in Ferrara 11,000 sqm;
  • Realisation and sale of tourist complexes in Val di Fassa for 7,000 sqm.

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