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StreetBeat by II

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The project aims to fund the company Blockchaidn Srl to launch the real-time financial analysis app StreetBeat. In cooperation with world-class partners, the platform transforms disaggregated data into a signal that business professionals and investors can use to make better investment decisions.

The StreetBeat application is a B2C product of, the result of eight years of research and development in Big Data and Machine Learning, and connects different data sets, providing the most accurate economic measurements of companies and market trends. 

The methodology adopted not only measures companies' revenues, but can also be expanded to measure other metrics or KPIs of companies, such as the number of their active users in order to understand the traffic or usage of the services they provide. The platform has already proven to be significantly more accurate than the second best competitor on the market, for the same data managed. 

StreeBeat has already received positive feedback from top industry experts, having joined the Stanford Startx incubation programme and passed the first selections of the prestigious Ycombinator programme.

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Borrower information

Blockchaidn Srl is a company based in Tivoli (Rome) offering strategic financial consulting services. It also develops, produces and sells innovative system software, digital applications and highly innovative web platforms. It has generated an algorithm for maximising investment returns, a web platform for managing cryptocurrency portfolios, and one for monitoring and managing KPIs for large corporations in the strategic sphere.

Blockchaidn Srl is led by a great financial professional, Cristian Longoneri, private banker, trading and finance expert, and Damian Scavo, successful entrepreneur and expert in Big Data and fintech. Together, Scavo and Longoneri have a successful Big Data exit behind them: both were co-founders of Axwave, a real-time audio recognition platform acquired by American Samba TV in 2019.

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