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SB Silicon Valley is a RE-Digital project aimed at financing the company Blockchaidn Srl to technologically and strategically financially support Streetbeat, a company based in the economic centre of Silicon Valley. In particular, the financing will support:

  • the optimisation of the functionality of the Streetbeat app and existing products;
  • upcoming launches, including credit cards and Streetbeat ATMs;
  • the development of a US bond and securities strategy.

Since its launch, Streetbeat has achieved significant milestones that contributed to its selection as a finalist in two categories (best automated trading software and best robo-advisor) at the Benzinga Global FinTech Awards. Among this year's most notable achievements were:

  • growth of customer base from 36,000 to over 110,000, organic growth of over 60% in the current quarter alone;
  • exceeded $1.2 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) - up from just $100,000 in Q1 2022;
  • introduction of a new product: Streetbeat Flagship Stock Certificates.

Streebeat has already received positive feedback from top industry experts, having joined Stanford's incubation programme, Startx, and passing the first selections of the prestigious Y Combinator programme. In addition, the company has recently forged important partnerships with European and Italian banks that will help consolidate its target market and further expand its customer base. SB Silicon Valley is Blockchaidn Srl's third project for the company Streetbeat in collection on the RE-Lender platform.

About Streetbeat

Streetbeat is an investment and trading platform for equities, cryptocurrencies and DeFi. Unlike traditional apps, it integrates technology that allows users to invest more profitably.

The Streetbeat app, a B2C product of and the result of eight years of research and development in Big Data and Machine Learning, connects different data sets, providing the most accurate economic measurements of companies and market trends. 

The methodology adopted not only measures companies' revenues, but can also be expanded to measure other metrics or KPIs of companies, such as the number of their active users in order to understand the traffic or usage of the services they provide.

The platform has already proven to be significantly more accurate than the second best competitor on the market, for the same data managed.

Read more about Streetbeat at

Borrower information

Blockchaidn Srl è una società con sede a Tivoli (Roma) che offre servizi di consulenza strategica a livello finanziario. Inoltre, si occupa dello sviluppo, della produzione e della vendita di software innovativi di sistema, applicazioni digitali e piattaforme web altamente innovative, veicolo europeo per la raccolta capitali di Streetbeat.

Blockchaidn Srl è guidata da un grande professionista in ambito finanziario, Cristian Longoneri, private banker, esperto di trading e di finanza e da Damian Scavo, imprenditore di successo ed esperto in Big Data e fintech. Insieme, Scavo e Longoneri hanno alle spalle una exit di successo nel settore dei Big Data: entrambi sono stati co-fondatori di Axwave, una piattaforma di riconoscimento audio real-time acquisita dalla Americana Samba TV nel 2019.

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