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Riconversione immobiliare sin sector noviembre 2019-7

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The company PLA S.r.l. is financed with the objective of building a residential complex in the Rione Lucania district, in the province of Potenza.


The company owns the land, which includes two structures to be restored and a villa for which construction permits are held. 

The project therefore consists of the completion of the villa and the recovery and renovation of the other two structures that will be transformed into independent single-family villas.  

The main villa has a surface area of 300 square meters and will be developed on three levels in addition to the basement.

The other two units, which have a surface area of 100 square meters each, will be developed on two levels as independent units.  

In addition to the construction works, connections to the urban network will be developed to make the different units marketable.

Modern anti-seismic devices called 'seismic isolators' will be used for the construction.

The isolators are devices that are placed between the foundations and the structures in elevation in order to decouple the frequencies of the earthquake from the frequencies of the structure, thus avoiding the onset of phenomena of excessive oscillations and resonance. 

The area in which the buildings fall has a potential for further building of about 2,000 square meters that will be distributed through the construction of terraced houses being designed.

The complex will create an ecosystem that will allow families who live there a full contact with nature a few kilometers from the city center, without sacrificing the comfort of modern facilities. 

The operation is backed by a real guarantee on the land and buildings under construction, as well as a personal guarantee from the partners. 

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Total amount: 300.000€

Depreciation period: 18 months

Annual interest rate: 10%

Interest payment: monthly

Objective of financing: real estate conversion

Harvesting period: 30 days from the opening date (13/12/2019)

More credit rating: BB (developed by ModeFinance - the first official rating agency of Fintech)

Additional guarantees: collateral on land and buildings under construction, as well as personal guarantees from members. 

Applicant company: PLA S.r.l.

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