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Potenza Gallitello

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The company PLA S.r.l. is financing itself with the objective of purchasing en bloc a portion of a multifunctional complex in Potenza in Via del Gallitello 281 near the Regional offices. In detail, it consists of eight offices and eight garages. A part of these units (seven) are rented at a total annual rent of about 50,000 Euro. 

The property being acquired consists of properties with a total commercial surface area of about 700 square meters, for a total value of 910 thousand Euro, with a 20% discount compared to the market price.

The developer was responsible for the construction of the property in 2012 and already has a project for the fractional resale of the property units for a total amount of approximately 1.4 million Euros. 

The operation is assisted by the personal guarantee of the shareholders. 

Loan information

Potenza Gallitello is a real estate conversion project for the purchase of a lot of offices and garages (already rented) within a multipurpose center with the aim of resale in 18 months.

  • Total amount: 350.000€
  • Depreciation period: 18 months
  • Annual interest rate: 10%.
  • Interest payment: monthly
  • Objective of financing: real estate conversion
  • Duration of the crowdfunding campaign: 45 days
  • crowdfunding opening date: 30/01/2020
  • crowdfunding closing date: 15/03/2020
  • credit rating: BB (developed by ModeFinance - the first official Fintech rating agency)
  • Additional guarantees: collateral on the property, as well as personal guarantee of the partners. 
  • Applicant company: PLA S.r.l.

Developer information

The company PLA S.r.l. has already repaid the loan of the 'PLA Prefabbricati' project on 28/01/2020 three months before the natural expiry of the loan. 

The company PLA S.r.l. is part of the Marella entrepreneurial group, led by Francesco Marella, a graduate in building engineering, and represents the third generation in the real estate and construction sector. During his career he also held the following roles: CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nova RE S.p.A., a real estate company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Deputy Chairman of Meridie S.p.A., an investment company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Director of Ream SGR. Managing Director of the family company operating in the public infrastructure construction sector (motorways and railways).

In particular in the real estate development sector, one of the most important projects of the group:

  • Construction of residential and office complexes in Potenza for a development of about 13,000 sqm (revenues of about Euro 25 million)
  • Restructuring and sale of residential and office complex in Ferrara 11,000 sqm
  • Realization and sale of tourist complexes in Val di Fassa for 7,000 sqm

More details about the company in the presentation document available among the project annexes.

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