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Palazzo Europa

Platform: RE-LENDER

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The Palazzo Europa project consists of financing the company Edilrossi Costruzioni S.r.l. for the completion of a 4,000 m2 building in Bisceglie (BAT) housing both commercial and residential units, 80% of which have already been sold.

  • Total amount: € 350,000
  • Amortisation period: 12 months
  • Annual interest rate: 9%
  • Interest payment: monthly
  • Capital repayment: at maturity (bullet)
  • Financing objective: RE-Build
  • Funding period: 30 days
  • Funding opening date: 04/06/2021
  • Closing date: 04/07/2021
  • Company rating: C
  • Project Rating: C+
  • Additional guarantees: Director's guarantee
  • Applicant company: Edilrossi Costruzioni Srl


The Palazzo Europa project consists of the financing of the company Edilrossi Costruzioni S.r.l. for the completion of a 4,000 m2 building in the historic Apulian town of Bisceglie (BAT).

The building consists of 20 flats, 16 of which have already been sold. The state of progress of the building is currently 80%.

Palazzo Europa is developed as follows

  •  2 basement floors with 21 car garages
  •  1 ground floor for commercial facilities
  •  6 floors housing 18 residential units
  •  1 penthouse with 2 flats

The property is located in Via Piave, in the central area of the city, a few minutes' walk from the splendid historic centre, less than ten minutes from the beaches, the marina and the station.

Borrower Information

The Maldera family is a family of respected entrepreneurs in the Apulian area. Particularly involved in the olive oil and real estate sectors, they own a technologically advanced oil mill with an annual turnover of €9 million and have realised several prestigious real estate ventures. In 2020, the Maldera family acquired the company Edilrossi Costruzioni Srl to increase its activity in the real estate sector and complete the 'Palazzo Europa' project in Bisceglie (BAT).

The company Edilrossi Costruzioni Srl, founded in 1981 by Cav. Vincenzo Rossi, has 40 years of experience in the construction sector with works carried out throughout the Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani.

Payment Calendar Table

Former payment schedule prior to its amendment dated 2022-10-19