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Monza Regina Pacis

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Monza Regina Pacis is a real estate conversion project for the purchase, renovation and subsequent sale of a 75 sqm apartment in the center of Monza.

  • Total amount: 90.000€
  • Depreciation period: 6 months
  • Annual interest rate: 10%.
  • Interest payment: monthly
  • Objective of financing: real estate conversion
  • Duration of the harvest: 30 days from the date of opening (09/02/2020)
  • Scoring: C 
  • Additional guarantees: real guarantee on the real estate object of the purchase and personal guarantee of the shareholders
  • Applicant company: DC Real Estate S.r.l.


The project consists in the financing of the company DC Real Estate S.r.l. for the purchase of a 75 sqm apartment in the centre of Monza with the aim of renovating and reselling it within 6 months.

The purchase price of the property is 35% below the market price according to the valuation of Borsino Immobiliare and OMI (Osservatorio Mercato Immobiliare) of the Agenzia Entrate. The purchase offer has already been accepted by the seller with a deposit.

The apartment is less than 10 minutes walk from the main station of Monza, less than 15 minutes from the Duomo and the main shopping streets.

In the same street, 230 meters away, there is a modern and spacious 'New Life Fitness' fitness club with equipment area, swimming pool, courses and private garden.

In front of the building there is also a shopping centre 'Esselunga'.

Under the house there are bus stops that connect the city, schools less than 500 meters away, the post office less than 1 km, the parish and many other commercial activities such as restaurants, banks, etc.).

In 2019 Monza is the second city in Lombardy after Milan for sales, followed by Brescia. It will be the protagonist of an important infrastructural project thanks to the arrival of metropolitan transport in direct connection with the Lombard capital.

The property, located on the first mezzanine floor in Via Quarnaro 6, consists of a two-room apartment with kitchen to be converted into a three-room apartment, according to the following layout:

- Lounge with open kitchen;

- Double bedroom;

- Second bedroom;

- Bathroom;

- Laundry area.

The sponsoring company has injected equity on the transaction equal to 20% of the investment. As a guarantee of the operation will be acquired real security on the property object of the purchase and in addition to personal guarantee of the shareholders.


The applicant company DC Real Estate S.r.l., led by Denisio Spedale and Christian Plazza, started operating in real estate conversion at the end of 2018, specializing in long-term income generation for the target students.

The two partners have therefore privileged cities where prices of both rents and sales have remained constant and demand is constantly growing, such as Milan, Monza and Ferrara. 

Damiano Losco, a renowned real estate developer with over 30 years of experience in the sector as a broker and trader, also participates as advisor in this expansion in Emilia Romagna.

He is the same promoter of the projects 'Ferrara Residence' and 'Ferrara Cool Rooms. More details about the company and the curriculum vitae of the partners in the presentation document available among the attachments.

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