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LAND (-77,-75)


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What are you getting?

A securized NFT representing a digital real estate plot in the metaverse developed by the Platform. The LAND has the coordinates -77, -75 and can view it in the URL¤tX=561¤tY=855&zoom=1&x=-77&y=-75. Players can buy to build experiences on top of. LAND owners, are able to populate it with Games and Assets. Each LAND is a unique (non-fungible) token lying on the public Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721).

Why invest through Brickfy?

  • We reduce the entry barrier by lowering the minimum investment: you could directly buy a token in Sandbox, but right now the cheapest LAND prices are high. By investing through Brickfy you can do so from as little as €100 and start diversifying your portfolio to include NFTs as well.
  • Ease of resale: once we enable the secondary market you will be able to sell your securities (if you wish so) without incurring mining expenses or transmission fees, paying a smaller fee.
  • We co-invest with you: we have full confidence in the revaluation of this asset and therefore reserve a minimum of 10% of the issue for ourselves. 

Who are our neighbors?

  • -78, -74 -> Smarmy
  • -78, -75 -> Paxbag
  • -78, -76 -> Paxbag
  • -77, -74 -> Smarmy
  • -77, -76 -> Gastone
  • -79, -74 -> Premium
  • -79, -75 -> Willtonic
  • -79, -76 -> Gastone

What else is close?

The LAND is within walking distance to The Smurfs world. In this place, the forest home of the Smurfs, Smurf Village, will be launched later this year.

CryptoPick, a PvP market prediction game that rewards players for their participation.

Around the LAND, all types of projects are developing. We believe it will be more exciting if you check it on the map but I can say even the Pope is close… and Snoop Dogg is not that far=).

Other Activities:

  • Although at the initial time of this issuance no real estate development is planned on said digital land. Activities that generate additional yield would not be discarded.
  • Rent the LAND
  • Develop games and charge users for gameplay in the LAND
  • Create events and experiences in the LAND and charge a fee for entry

How is valorized?

The expected appreciation is based on the vision of the project. And how the economics will change with the introduction of blockchain and the metaverse into our daily lives. The trend can be appreciated by analyzing the price of the LAND in recent months (open data available in The issuer believes in blockchain, the project and way to start building the metaverse. You can find more about the specific land in

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