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Glass 4.0

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The Glass 4.0 project consists of financing new investments that La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. will make to increase the production of laminated glass and ensure higher quality in production processes and final products through the purchase of a new autoclave and a profile bender. The project will support the already started expansion into foreign markets: USA, Canada, UK and United Arab Emirates.

Glass 4.0 is the third collection project for La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A., which, following the repayment of one of the two loans, has decided to continue its collaboration with RE-Lender to support its business plan.

The company's new investment operation consists of the purchase of:

  • No. 1 Maroso brand autoclave;
  • No. 1 Lisec brand profile bender.

Both instruments will serve to improve the quality of final products and optimize production time, enhancing technical and energy performance.


  • The Lisec profile bender will be used to bend hot-edge spacers of the latest generation and will be used to improve the technical and energy performance of an insulating glass window; the profile bender will also be configured in the company's layout with a view to perfecting the product, adapting it to new regulatory standards. The machinery is also equipped with an in-line laser, capable of marking the spacer and allowing tracking of the final product to date not yet present.
  • The Maroso Autoclave will replace the machine currently in use with a view to optimizing production times thanks to its advanced technology, which will avoid defect issues along the edges of the product. Moreover, in view of the implementation of the Industry 4.0 system, it will enable continuous monitoring of production cycles through the recording of historical memory, which will be appropriately stored in the company's system.

Borrower information

Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. has been in the flat glass processing business since 1999. Administered by the Gargiulo family, the company is among Italy's leaders in quality and technological innovation, and has grown exponentially in 20 years, reaching an annual turnover of 17 million euros; to date, the company is aiming for a turnover of 26 million euros by 2026 with a CAGR (2019-2026) of 8.5%.

The company manufactures large-scale flat glass components for major construction projects around the world. The products are highly innovative and each item is custom fabricated. In addition to domestic and European projects, the company has worked on projects in the U.S. and U.K. and, for the past few years, has entered the Middle East market with several active orders, especially in the United Arab Emirates.

Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. is active in several research and development projects in cooperation with various universities and research institutes. The I.F'.C.A.S.S. Project has resulted in an insulating system for earthquake-resistant and eco-sustainable curtain walls. A patent has been filed for the system (process in progress), which La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. will own.

Some of the most important projects in which La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A. has collaborated:

  • IBM Headquarters (Rome)
  • Kombetare Arena (Tirana, Albania)
  • Ribbon of Light FZCO (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • 112 Shawmut (Boston, USA)

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