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The asset

Inveslar presents to its investors a new investment opportunity in a transaction originated by The Smart Urban Investments. This is the second and final phase of this project. This opportunity offers an estimated profitability expected of at least 13.10% in a period of 12 months. However, this is in the worst case scenario foreseen for the project. In the attached documentation you can see 3 scenarios with different sales prices, which in some cases even project up to 19.80% profitability. The objective of this investment is the purchase of an apartment in the area of Barcelona that has been awarded in an auction well below the market price. The funds will also be used to cover acquisition and renovation costs. The total amount of capital required for the acquisition and renovation is 75,945.59 euros, the total area of the apartment is 82 m2 - the price of the development per m2 is 926 euros.

Reasons to invest

Very good profitability in Flash-Sale 

Minimum ticket of 100

Barcelona Metropolitan Area

Quick start of marketing phase

Profitability up to 19.8%.

Loan to Value (LTV): 15%


The municipality of Badia del Vallés is located in the province of Barcelona, and specifically belongs to its Metropolitan Area. In this municipality live 13,500 inhabitants and enjoys very good communications with public transport to Barcelona. For these reasons it is a good place to live, where the price of housing is considerably more affordable, and in turn the proximity to the center of Barcelona that facilitates the possibility of work in the capital.


The current offer in the area for these characteristics starts at 104,200 euros - 1,240 euros per sqm (difference +34%), however, the price goes up to 136,000 euros - 1,563 euros per sqm (difference +69%) with a middle or low class interior, and up to 146,000 euros - 1,697 euros per sqm (difference +83%) for newly refurbished apartments. There are 2 components that provide the safety margin for investors. The duration of the project: it can be seen that the developer expects to sell the property within a maximum of 14 months, however, this duration could be much shorter because the expected renovation duration will be less than 1 month. Another component of the safety margin is the purchase price of the property which, even after taxes and acquisition and renovation costs, is higher than other properties in the area.

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