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About the Platform

Wilgo is a RENT NOW PAY LATER solution for tenants that facilitate access to a rental home by offering greater payment flexibility. First we finance the initial expenses (deposit, guarantee, real estate agency commission and first month's rent) to prevent the tenant from running out of their savings, and then we advance their rent on the 1st of the month and give them the flexibility to pay it to us us as you prefer during that same month.

Their lending products:

Wilgo Deposit:

For the move-in, we offer Wilgo Deposit, for those, who don’t want to de-capitalise themselves to access a rental home. 

This product consists on a consumer loan that covers the entry cost. Many tenants are required to pay a deposit, first month's rent, and other fees upfront. We first give the money to the tenant and they pay to their landlord and the realtor; then, the user pays us back in monthly installments until the term expires. And once they finish the rental, they get back the deposit and the guarantee so they don’t see it as credit rather as a budgeting tool.

Wilgo Rent:

For those who seek flexibility in their monthly rent payment, we offer Wilgo Rent, a monthly subscription. 

To use it, the user has to pre-qualify, and if it’s validated, we pay its rent on the first of every month, giving the user the flexibility to pay us back in flexible installments until the end of the month.

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