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About the Platform

The Kirsan Group begins its journey in Spain, through its real estate crowdfunding platform, KisanInvest, where any type of investor can invest in all the projects at the European level that the group carries out.

After more than ten years of success and hard work, carrying out all kinds of Real Estate projects, the time has come to share his great experience with investors who have never been able to access this type of project, where they can achieve an average profitability of 12% .

Today, the Kirsan Group is building more than 2000 homes, hotels, shopping centers and several other projects, of which they give you the opportunity to participate in their projects as an investor.

Kirsan Invest is a platform for the Real Estate Sector created by a team of highly experienced professionals, where they present and inform investors about different types of projects.

The company has its own architecture department, made up of a team of experienced and creative professionals. The availability of the internal architecture department allows the company to plan and create projects from scratch, ensuring high-quality execution, while ensuring control of all internal processes.

Kirsan Invest focuses on the most complete and efficient satisfaction of the needs of clients and investors through an integrated approach to construction. This workflow allows you to carry out projects of any complexity in tight deadlines. The quality and reliability of any service provided is confirmed by extensive practical experience and has become the hallmark of the company.

These are some key points of the platform:

  • Kirsan Invest is the first crowdfunding platform of investment in developer projects that is created by construction specialists. The understanding of how the construction industry is functioning enables them to create optimal terms of investment in construction projects.
  • No intermediaries are active on the platform. You directly invest in the building and construction. It gives them an opportunity to maximally increase the profitability of your investments and reduce the payback time.
  • All investments are straightforwardly cashed in a construction project, which is selected by you. You have an opportunity to create your own portfolio of investments in various construction objects, even if you invest a small sum.
  • The company group Kirsan invests its own funds into the projects presented on their platform. Kirsan is extremely interested in the fastest completion of their objects, high profitability and fast return of the funds of the investors.
  • Kirsan has a great construction market experience, actually over 11 years. They have built over 5 000 apartments. Kirsan Group has its own representatives in Spain, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. During the period from 2010 to 2021, KIRSAN International managed to build and put into operation 18 residential units, which area amounts to 225 460 m². 
  • Kirsan has a big skilled construction team. The company success is reached by purposeful activities, high qualification, skills and experience of over 1000 employees who provide the high quality of all construction activities – from architectural plans to the turnkey constructions.

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