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HeavyFinance opened a completely new asset class for retail investors – loans backed by heavy machinery. This is the first crowdlending platform in the world focusing on heavy equipment as collateral to make investments more secure. On HeavyFinance people can start investing from 100 Eur.

Why to choose to use heay machinery as a collateral?

First of all, every farmer, lumberjack and construction company has some heavy-duty vehicles that usually are not taken into account when traditional financial institutions evaluate their risk level. Consequently, those small and medium businesses cannot get loans, even though they have many assets to use as collateral in case of a default.

Furthermore, prices of heavy equipment are extremely stable due to the nature of this highly international market. Used combine harvesters, tractors, excavators and other heavy-duty vehicles can easily be exported to foreign countries and transportation costs are relatively low compared to the size of the transaction. 

Besides, since all the niches like farming and forestry are of strategic importance for countries, heavy-duty vehicles being used in these areas do not get significantly cheaper even during a financial crisis. People need food, infrastructure and materials despite the political or economic situation. Therefore, there was no large decline in prices of heavy equipment even during the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

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