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Yes, this is us!

On the web you have all the info about us (about Brickfy), but anyway we summarize here very quickly what we do at Brickfy: we are an Estonian financial technology company that offers a marketplace for investing in loans, crowdlending, equity crowdfunding, tokenized assets and NFTs; and our mission is to help our users build their financial future by making investing in alternative assets profitable, simple, efficient and secure.

As you may know, Brickfy is licensed since its inception as a Financial Institution, licence granted by FIU (Brickfy licence), in order to intermediate in credit operations and to provide loans to companies. Although during these first years we had limited our activities to the development of our marketplace, mainly listing external loans from other Loan Originators and CrowdLending Platforms (as well as other alternative investment assets).

But from 2023 we will also start offering our own loans. Loans that we will grant to some of the Platforms with which we collaborate and which we will also list in the Marketplace so that you can also invest in them and benefit from their profitable conditions.

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* Capital at Risk. Past performance de not guarantee future returns.