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Autodinero is a secured lending company focused on the automobile segment. It was incorporated on April 6, 2005, under the legal name Presta Dinero S.A. de C.V., with the purpose of meeting the cash needs of Mexican families with limited financing options. Autodinero seeks to help people seeking liquidity for business or personal emergencies, particularly those from middle and lower middle class socio-economic backgrounds with little or no access to the banking system. Currently in Mexico, 51% of the population does not have access to the formal banking system.

Autodinero currently has 44 branches in 12 Mexican states and headquarters in Mexico City, making it the company with the largest number of branches specialising in vehicle collateral loans in Mexico. It has 180 employees and more than 3,300 clients, of which 800 are active.

The outstanding vehicle market in Mexico is $34.5M, which has grown 58% in the last 10 years and continues to grow, making it an attractive market. All loans are secured by vehicles so they always recover the loans granted and have a 100% track record.

Autodinero is regulated by Profeco, the Mexican institution in charge of regulating companies of its type. In 2021 it was rated by HR Ratings, one of the 5 international risk rating agencies in Mexico, obtaining a BBB counterparty risk rating. And in 2022 it was upgraded to BBB+ due to the growth and good economic performance in the last year.

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