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Real estate revolution lead by startups

Real estate revolution lead by startups
The real estate industry has changed thanks to the technological advances and the innovative way to fund ideas, CROWDFUNDING!

The real estate revolution made by tech startups

Surely you have heard the term startup and maybe you have wondered where this concept comes from and what it refers to. In the world of innovation and business the term startup is used to refer to start-up companies that due to their youth and scarcity of resources will necessarily be mostly of them to be financed by investors. The structure in a startup differs from traditional companies, are created or founded by 2 or more partners: co-founders, it is constituted in its beginnings with few employees with high working capacities and believers of the project, perceived closer relations due to its horizontal structure organization and monotony in daily work does not exist.

This concept was born in Silicon Valley, USA in the 50's but it was not that it was viralized until 2011 with the help of books such as The Lean Startup of Eric Ries or Business Model Generation of Alexander Osterwalder.

But why have the startups arrived and why is there more and more in Spain and others countries ? It's simple, the startups came to the business world to revolutionize each sector. They are projects that are born with the objective of solving a real problem that was not previously solved or solved but in a less effective way, usually the startups include technology, so that their solutions to problems are increasingly innovative as the sector advances technological.

And although it seems hard to believe, startups have pushed the real estate sector to make it technological and much more efficient, some well-known examples are Aribnb: private rooms for rent from a mobile application, or Idealista: buy-sell or rent apartments from a website.

And is that although in the real estate market had always been an essential factor professional relationships, but startups offer the possibility of better comparative and decision making in a shorter time, with more accessible information and without barriers of distance. Within this real estate revolution we find real estate portals for buying and selling or renting, smart houses and home automation, virtual reality, real estate management online, geolocation and investments in real estate through crowdfunding. The latter being a niche market with high potential and growth in recent years, makes it much more affordable to invest in real estate with a very attractive return / risk ratio, when previously this type of stock was for people with large savings.

Brickfy, the first alternative investment aggregator, is also part of the startups that aim to revolutionize the real estate sector as a good part of the investment opportunities that aggregates on its website are real estate crowdfunding. It is born with an international vision and brings to you the best real estate investments from different countries, being able to invest in all of them in a single website. Incredible, but true.

Because there are no longer any excuses to be part of the new and improved real estate market, join the brick revolution with Brickfy.