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Bricksave, real estate Crowdfunding

Bricksave, real estate Crowdfunding
This is how BrickSave, the London-based real estate crowdfunding platform, defines itself

This is the real estate crowdfunding platform Bricksave

'In constant search of new investment opportunities.' This is how the London-based real estate crowdfunding platform Bricksave works. They are an online investment platform for real estate, more commonly known as a crowdfunding platform and launch properties in cities as adverse as New York, Vienna, Hong Kong, Miami, Paris, or Buenos Aires.

Their website has been launched for more than a year, with a new investment command panel and an online transaction system that uses Stripe and an internationally recognized identity software called Contego. More than $2.2 million worth of real estate have been made through Bricksave, according to their website.

Their specialty is the crowdfunding of luxury properties located in destinations through these systems to unify funds of small investors so that they can buy real estate and achieve an income, as well as the conservation and appreciation of the value of the capital invested in the average installment.

But how does this platform actually work? How do they choose their products? What do investors have to do? What can Bricksave do for you?

Five keys to understanding BRICKSAVE:

1️⃣ They analyze investment offers based on investment preferences including location, asset type, risk, and profitability profile.

2️⃣ Your transactions are entirely online, including digital legal documentation, transfer of funds, and registration of property.

3️⃣ Bricksave crowdfunding is configured in such a way to give small investors access to large real estate assets. Investment opportunities are offered through its online platform.

4️⃣ They are associated with developers, operators, and other renowned institutional partners, in an effort to maximize value for every real estate investment.

5️⃣ After investors contribute funds to their projects, their contributions are kept in a third party custody deposit account until Bricksave notifies the third party custody agent that the property has been fully funded and that they are ready to close the purchase. Once this is done, the funds are released from the custody deposit and invested in the project. Details of the project, custody arrangements, and other procedures are found in the bid documents of each investment so that investors know how and when the agreement is closed and when their capital is transferred.