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Brickfy with Tetuan Valley

Brickfy with Tetuan Valley
Brickfy graduated in batch #21 of the Tetuan Valley startup school program, supported by Google for Startups.

The last few weeks have been really intense for Brickfy. After being selected to participate in the 'Startup School' program of the well-known Madrid pre-accelerator Tetuan Valley, we have been working very hard with the great team of mentors of Tetuan Valley to improve our project. From the pitch, to the business model, through training on financing, metrics, marketing, presentations and much more. It has been awesome and fortunately we can tell you that we have successfully graduated in batch #21, which ended in a Demo Day that was held in the auditorium of the Camilo José Cela University, together with the students of their Degree in Entrepreneurship.

In the words of the organizers:

'We closed a new edition of the programme and now the real journey begins with the teams in the community. Thanks to the speakers and mentors for all the help received during these 6 weeks of work.'

And our CEO, Juancho Arregui, said:

'The best of the program without a doubt is the great team of Tetuan Valley, the super mentors they have and the rest of the participating startups, each one of them with real cracks behind each one of them. It has been a pleasure to meet them, chat and share experiences in these weeks.'

Many thanks to all the Tetuan Valley team and all the mentors who have participated in each session.

We continue to work hard to make Brickfy the benchmark alternative investment marketplace and offer our users the best investment experience.

Soon we hope to tell you all great news!

About Tetuan Valley: Founded in 2009, Tetuan Valley is the first non-profit pre-accelerator program in Europe and it's supported by Google for Startups. They help and train entrepreneurs, companies and educational institutions to implement innovative projects. More info: