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Brickfy selected for Demium's acceleration program

Brickfy selected for Demium's acceleration program
In this article we tell you about our experience with Demium and the advantages of belonging to its great community of entrepreneurs.

After our visit to Tetuan Valley, our mentor and godmother at the incubator, Clara Ruiz Salazar, recommended us to talk to Demium, where she had been working as Head of Incubation in Malaga. 

She told us that the Demium Startups model does not focus on finding ideas, but on finding and detecting the best entrepreneurial talent, and that they specialize in the incubation phase. But if a startup already had a good idea and a great team, as was the case of Brickfy, we could also choose to collaborate with them and he strongly recommended us to apply to their program because it would help us a lot.

He also told us that in order to find people with talent and entrepreneurial spirit, and who have that special something that is always required to set up a startup, Demium periodically organized a weekend event called 'All Startup Weekend' and that although we were in a more mature phase, it was still an essential requirement to go through their talent selection process.

So we applied to their program and a few weeks later we were participating in 'All Startup Weekend', along with the rest of the entrepreneurs. And the truth is that it was a really intense and exciting 48 hours that ended in a hackathon after which each team presented their project.

Brickfy was selected, although we were passed on to what Demium calls 'Late incubation'. That is, a more advanced incubation phase in which the team and the idea are validated and we start working directly on the presentation of the project to professional investors. And I must say that it was one of the best decisions we could make. 

If previously with Tetuan Valley, we had greatly improved our Pitch deck, making our presentation much simpler and clearer. With Demium we have incredibly improved our investor Deck. Making a really solid presentation, and emphasizing the data that investors really want to see and structuring it in the way they expect to see in a professional deck.

Of course, before joining Demium, we had an investor deck and a business plan in Excel with our financial projections and we had talked to quite a few investors, but after Demium we realized the shortcomings of our presentation and we spent two months working on our investor deck, documenting with solid data each and every one of our investment thesis, market and marketing strategy.

And that's not to mention the human talent, with whom we have had the opportunity to work during these last months. Not only the Demium team, but also the rest of the entrepreneurial teams, from whom we have learned almost as much or more. 

The truth is that being part of a family with so much passion and desire to help each other and a really powerful and active entrepreneurial ecosystem such as Demium!