Brickfy raises 133,000 euros of investment in its pre-seed round. | Brickfy

Brickfy raises 133,000 euros of investment in its pre-seed round.

Brickfy raises 133,000 euros of investment in its pre-seed round.
Demium Capital and Scaphari Ventures (member of the IESE Business Angels Network) invest €133,000 in Brickfy's pre-seed round. This new funding will be used to continue product development, talent recruitment and user acquisition.

Finally we can officially announce that we have closed our pre-seed round! Specifically, Demium Capital (Demium's partner fund and regulated by the CMNV) has invested 100,000 euros and Scaphari Ventures (a private investment company and member of the IESE Business Angels network), has invested 33,000 euros.

Negotiations began a few months ago, although it was not difficult to reach an agreement between the parties, since from the beginning there was a very good understanding with the two investment companies. The problem is that they asked us not to make the agreement public until the new bylaws and the capital increase were officially registered in the Commercial Registry, and the paperwork has been delayed for almost two months... You don't know how difficult it has been for us not to be able to say anything until today.

But the day has finally arrived! We have received the official confirmation from the Registry and we can now share with all of you that we are really happy and excited to have received this investment and especially the support that this means for Brickfy. It is not only about bringing capital to the project in order to continue our technological development, but also about incorporating two partners to the project who bring us their know-how and expertise in the field of finance and investment.

It has been an intense few months to get this far. First in the Demium incubation program in which for four months we were working side by side with all the super team in Madrid, reviewing absolutely all the points of our business plan and polishing our deck. Then came the negotiation with Demium Capital, Demium's partner fund, and Scaphari Ventures, which took us almost a month. And finally the paperwork until the formal registration of the capital increase in the registry, which took almost two months. In total almost 7 months since we participated in Demium's AllStartup Day, until today, when we can finally announce that we have officially closed our pre-seed round! 

Many thanks to Demium Capital and Scaphari Ventures for trusting us and wanting to join us in this project in which we want to facilitate access to alternative investment to all small investors. And many thanks also to the IESE Business Angels Network, where we had the pleasure of presenting the project to their network of investors. 

We are really happy, but we are also very aware that this is only the first milestone of a long road ahead of us. We are already working very hard to improve the product and soon we hope to be able to tell you about the news we are preparing!

About Demium

Demium is a talent investment company founded in Valencia in 2013 with the aim of supporting the best professionals and helping them to carry out successful projects, always with an eminently digital and technological component. In November 2020, Demium's venture capital management company started operating with a first €50M fund to invest in more than 75 startups per year in early stage development (pre-seed/seed), becoming the most active venture capital fund in Spain. The incubator has given birth to renowned startups such as Hannun, Voicemod, Swipcar, Citibox, Singularu or Landbot, among others. The group is present in four countries: Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Poland.

About Scaphari Ventures

Scaphari Ventures S.L. is a private investment vehicle, which invests in very early stage startups and is led by Tomás Navarro. The management is carried out exclusively on the funds provided by the partners, although sometimes it co-invests with other business angels under different collaboration formulas. The company invests tickets between 25 and 50K per transaction. Scaphari only invests in startups in which it has full confidence in the previous experience and capacity of the entrepreneurial team, actively supporting it, the earlier the investment is made. This support, in addition to the definition of the company's strategy and the management of the teams, focuses especially on financial and legal management, which is sometimes somewhat neglected by entrepreneurs, which sometimes leads to complex situations that can very negatively affect the evolution of the company in the short term. Since its incorporation in 2021, it has invested in startups such as Ixorigue, Naturcode and now Brickfy. Scaphari is also a member of IESE's Business Angels Network.