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Benefits of P2P Lending business loans for investors and companies

Benefits of P2P Lending business loans for investors and companies
The new Fintech Platforms have revolutionized the lending market, facilitating access to financing for companies and SME, and also allowing small investors to participate in the benefits that this activity generates, being able to lend their savings to these companies, thus diversifying their portfolio and obtaining a high return on their savings.

FinTech Platforms have allowed loans, on the one hand, to be faster and cheaper, and on the other, that savers can choose who they lend to and not. It is a paradigm shift in the finance market, the system that connects savers and borrowers, after centuries of mediation.

In the P2P model, private investors, professionals or companies lend money directly to another company that wants financing and is looking for an alternative to the bank. The investor is one more creditor for the company. Of course, technology is key in the whole process, which is carried out through the internet.

Benefits of P2P Lending business loans for investors:

P2P Lending generate high returns. Thanks to P2P Lending, investors who wish to make their savings profitable can do so through a participatory business loan platform, since, contrary to what happens in traditional financial operations (such as fixed terms or purchase of public debt), it allows for the investor to obtain higher returns.

Selection of the type of project in which to invest. Thanks to the detailed information on all investment projects, the investor has the possibility to directly choose sectors and invest. In addition to choosing term, amount, risk and therefore profitability.

Benefits of P2P Lending business loans for the company

Speed ​​and agility: P2P Loans or P2P Lending are a much faster and more agile process than applying for a loan through a bank.

Better conditions: In most cases P2P Lending entails a series of more advantageous expenses and commissions than with traditional banking to carry out the loan. In addition, its conditions are usually more adaptable and flexible than in operations managed by banks.

It is not necessary to contract additional products: One of the factors that increases the cost of business loans through banks is the obligation to contract additional products and services such as life insurance, home insurance, etc. This does not happen when requesting financing through P2P Lending.

Peer to peer loans are not a passive investment. You will have to spend time studying the possibilities available, creating custom filters and determining the best investment strategies. As in any other investment, you need to understand the associated risks and learn to manage them.

And precisely to facilitate all these procedures, Brickfy offers a unified service where from a single platform the user can have access to a variety of alternative investments.

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